Kid Blogger Network Rules

What to share in the Kid Blogger Network:

  • Questions you have about how to blog or do social media (along with helpful answers to others when you can!)
  • Chat chat chat with each other! Make friends!

What not to share in the Kid Blogger Network:

  • Brand names. Ask away about monetizing your blog, but keep names of brands out of the mix.
  • Your giveaways.
  • Sharing your posts. Share links to your posts when someone asks for links (see below), or when you have a linky party or Facebook share day (post in the share thread that’s pinned to the top only).
  • Request for followers.
  • You or another blog reaching a new milestone. See successes below.
  • Affiliate links, of any kind.
  • Any kind of request for a paid job (contributors, sponsored post, assistant, etc.)

What to keep to a bare minimum:

  • Call outs for posts for a roundup (please try to always do your own searching first before asking the entire group, the Kid Blogger Network pins on Pinterest are all open to being features!)
  • Your successes! Yes, we want to hear them, but they’re also disheartening for everyone else to hear every little success you’ve had, they start to feel like they may be failing because they’re not keeping up with all your successes. But, of course, we do want to celebrate with you, so please share when its a true success!
  • Social Media Follow Threads

What happens if I break the rules?

Not much. Your post or comment may get deleted. If it happens repeatedly, you may receive a message from the KBN admin.

How is it possible to be kicked out of the Kid Blogger Network?

  • If you are a brand that got accepted into the KBN by accident. We want to keep this place a blogger friendly place, and brands in the mix shift the dynamic.
  • If you are being unfriendly to other members of the KBN repeatedly.
  • If your blogging etiquette is not to standards with the KBN. (Such as scraping content, not linking properly, pinning unethically.)
  • Continually breaking the above rules.