Join the Kid Blogger Network

The Kid Blogger Network is a place for bloggers that blog about their kids, or just about kids in general, and are looking for a place to collaborate, share, and learn about blogging!

You can join the KBN group on Facebook.

If you would like to join the Kid Blogger Network (KBN),¬†you need to message “KBN Jamie Reimer” (or reach out to a current member of the KBN) with your email address. Members are added every 3-4 days.

You’ll receive an email that you have been invited into the Kid Blogger Network Group on Facebook. You must click the link in the email (I can’t send it again) to join.

Member requirements:

  • A blogger that focuses primarily on kid/parenting oriented posts.
  • This is not a place for brands or ‘mom blogs’ about couponing, reviews [although we may do reviews every once in awhile, its not the focus of KBN blogs].

What is this group all about?

Its a place to share expertise and ask questions about kid-related blogging.

The KBN is a group about helping/supporting each other in our blogging adventures.

It’s a place to share about our blogging fun – we all blog about our kids, that’s something we all have in common. We love to discuss kids activities/projects/crafts and how that coincides with our blog.

While the KBN is a place to support each other and help everyone grow, its not a place to become for shoutouts to help boost our blogs. The KBN is truly been a place for many to come to chat with friends and get support. As well as a place you can come to collaborate together on a project.

If you are a member of the KBN, grab the badge and share it with your readers!