Thanks for Collaborating with the KBN!

Thanks for requesting to become a collaborator or the Kid Blogger Network Pinterest boards.

Remember, in order to collaborate on the boards you need to be a member of the Kid Blogger Network on Facebook and you must follow the Kid Blogger Network’s boards.

Kid Blogger Network

If you fit all the requirements, you’ll be added to the Pinterest boards within a week. Then be sure to accept the invitations in your Pinterest notifications and get pinning!

Remember the KBN Pinterest board rules:

  • Pin only your posts that you have written for your own blog, or a blog you write for.
  • Only pin one time per post within a 6 month period. [A post can be re-promoted after 6 months]
  • Please read board descriptions and pin only posts that are on topic of that board.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me anytime in the Facebook group or message me on Facebook (Jamie Reimer).

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