Kid Blogger Network Thanksgiving Twitter Chat

Thanksgiving Twitter Event

Join us for a Kid Blogger Network Thanksgiving Twitter Chat

When: Monday November 18 from 9:30 to 10:30 pm EST

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Raising World Citizens Twitter Party and Giveaway


Want a better world? Raise world citizens!

Twitter party! Join the discussion!

When: Monday, September 23 at 10pm EDT

Where: Follow #mkbparty on twitter or visit

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We Teach: Back to School Twitter Party


What: Will be talking about local ‘we teach’ workshops, the sponsors, and chat about how back-to-school is going for everyone. Because even if you can’t make the workshops, we want you to be involved! Find us at #weteach from 9pm to 10pm ET (we like to use

When: September 9, 9-10pm ET: Find your local time here.


Social Media: Setup

Social Media Tips and How To's

Using social media can be time consuming – you pop on to share a post and get sucked in to spending time surfing, chatting, or browsing so it’s always good to know that you can share your content easily within one of your networks without having to put in time.

how to use

For sharing to Twitter we have already said about setting up your facebook page to update to twitter automatically which is a good move, but how about sharing content? With Rainy Day Mum I use – this is straight to Twitter and it’s working as a way to share my content, I’m seeing as one of the top 10 referrers in my stats each month.

How to Set up

In register with an email and password

setting up

It will ask for your blog URL or Feed – at Blogging with kids we use Feedburner for our RSS feed so I added that into the URL. for twitterThen click the large Twitter Icon. You will either be asked to authorize the app or to sign into twitter. set up to twitter

Then you are good to go.

A note about scheduling to Facebook

We advice against this – everything that we have read and seen from our own facebook pages is that scheduled posts via a system such as, Hootsuite etc… has a smaller reach than when you post yourself. Take these 2 posts from my Rainy Day Mum Facebook Page – they were posted within 30 minutes of each other and the reach for my test post is 200 people less than the post that I wrote myself.comparison of scheduled vs normal posts in facebook

Social Media: Setup
Recipe Type: Social Media How To
Author: Blogging with kids


A quick how to on setting up to share your blog content with Twitter
  1. Sign in on
  2. Add your blog feed URL
  3. Authorise the app to use Twitter

Would you like to have your blog tweeted to the Blogging with kids Twitter followers – then leave a comment – join our community and we’ll add your blog feed

Sync Facebook Page Updates with Tweets on Twitter

Social Media Tips and Tricks

I focus almost 50% of my social media time spent on Facebook (the other 50% on Pinterest). Twitter kind of just gets left out sometimes. But I think its important to have a presence there. But we’ll save those reasons for another day.


Social Media Efficiency:

In order to maximize my time spent, everything I post on my Facebook page gets streamed over to Twitter. Unless you’re already very active on Twitter, this is a great starting place for you to have a presence on Twitter to gain followers. 

How to Sync Facebook  Page Updates to Twitter

Sync Facebook Page Updates with Tweets on Twitter

Here’s how to set that up to make it happen (make sure you’re logged into both Facebook and Twitter first):

Setup Facebook Page to sync with Twitter Stream
  • Select the page on Facebook that you want to sync with Twitter by clicking on the “Link to Twitter” button.
  • Authorize the Twitter App.
  • Select what you want to show up in your twitter stream.I selected the following, but you can sync whatever you like! 
    • Status Updates
    • Photos
    • Links. 
You can edit what you sync at a later date if you find that you don’t like how its set up by going to again and selecting “Edit Settings” beneath the page you set up.
Edit Facebook Page to Twitter Stream Settings

That’s it!

Test out what how it works! Post a status update (or something else that you selected to include) on your Facebook Page. Head over to Twitter and see your update there!

You will see the same update in both your Facebook updates and your Twitter stream!

Facebook Page Updates Streamed to Twitter


Facebook changes their system constantly (and Twitter does too, occasionally), so if you notice that the steps are different or if something just isn’t right, let me know in the comments and I’ll update the tutorial!