Related Posts with Thumbnails [Fully Loaded but Light!] Plugin for WordPress

After using other related posts with thumbnail plugins forever… I’ve been trying to speed up my site.

It has come to my attention that most related posts plugins that use thumbnails take an enormous amount of resources, thus, slowing down my site.


My web host  has recommended a new plugin I’m trying, and apparently is ‘lighter’ on the server is Related Posts by Zemanta.

And I am loving it!

It has all the visual options of nrelate that I was used to, plus it has statistics of how many time it’s viewed, and how many clicks are made with it. Plus, it also has the option to edit the related posts on every single post, in case you don’t like what comes up.

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Related Posts by Zemanta features:

  • 6 different visual layouts for related posts, plus a plain css where you design your own
  • Choose how many related posts you want to display
  • Choose to show posts published in the last 1 month, 3 months, 12 months and unlimited
  • Choose to display (or not) published date, number of comments, thumbnail, and excerpt
  • Mobile is separate and can have a different layout! 2 visual layouts for mobile too (plus plain css)!
  • Customize the title of the widget to whatever you want!
  • Exclude categories from appearing in the related posts
  • Auto-insert at the bottom of posts, or you can manually insert where you want it in your template
  • Display related posts in your RSS feed too
  • Edit the related posts on a post by post basis [the ‘Edit Related Posts’ button only shows up when you are logged into your admin panel]
  • Statistics: 30-day stats for how many times the related posts widget is shown, as well as click through rate. Mobile and desktop statistics are separated too.

Download & Install Related Posts by Zemanta for WordPress here