Save Blog Space: How to Resize Images in PicMonkey

Whether you are using Blogger or WordPress, resizing your images is going to be critical with the more posts that you write. Each system has a finite amount of storage space for your media and images take up a lot of space, so getting your images to the optimum size for your blog is essential. A huge image takes up more space in your storage than the perfectly sized image for your blog. Here’s how to resize images using PicMonkey, the free online picture editor.

How to resize images in PicMonkey

On Blogging with Kids we have worked out that an image size of 640 pixels wide is best for our main post space when we want a large picture – this leaves a little white space around the edges of the image and is eye-catching. However, our camera’s generally produce images that are considerably larger (my little point and shoot does ones that are around 1536px wide and take up quite a bit of memory, so not good for using directly onto the blog).

PicMonkey is a great online FREE tool to edit your photos and you can resize the images very easily.

Resize images in PicMonkey

If you want to, you can resize the image in PicMonkey when you start to edit the picture – using the BASIC EDIT function in the tool bar at the side go to the bottom of the list and click on Resize (the cookie cutters), or you  can resize once you have edited your image.

Using image resize in PicMonkey

Make sure that ‘KEEP PROPORTIONS’ is checked, otherwise you could end up with a very odd (disproportionate) looking image and then adjust the first setting (which is the width) to your blogs ideal width and click ‘APPLY’.

Resizing Images in PicMonkey

Have you found out what is the optimum size for images for your blog?