Tutorial – Adding a Facebook Like Box

Adding a Facebook Like Box to your blog

Tutorial on Adding a facebook like box to your blog

If you followed our tutorial on how to add social media buttons to your blog you will now have a way for you readers to connect with you on social media. However, they have to leave the page which you don’t really want them to.

Instead, adding a Facebook like box to your blog is a good way to build a Facebook following without your reader having to leave your page. It also enables people to see whether they already like you without having to leave your blog as well (and whether their friends like your blog as well, which can also encourage people to like your page).

Add a Facebook like box to your Blogger blog

Although it’s more difficult to add the like box to your blog when you use Blogger, it’s not difficult, it’s just a case of making sure that the settings are correct before you begin.

Getting your like box created

First off, you need to create the like box to use on your blog.

You can do this at in the Developer’ Like Box section of Facebook (no need to freak out, its really simple, I promise).

You can also find this page by going to your Facebook page:

  • Click on ‘Edit page’ in the admin section
  • Choose the first option, ‘Update Info’

how to add a facebook like box to my blog

  • Choose ‘Resources’ from the side menu a
  • Click on the ‘Social plugins’

facebook social plugins

  • In the Social Plugin, Choose ‘Like Box’

The other options will give you options to have most recent posts etc but the set up for each is the same.

Set up your Facebook Like Box to your liking

Here you need to set up how you would like the Like Box to appear on your blog.

creating a facebook like box for your blog

Add your Facebook page URL to the top box, make sure that the Send button is unchecked, input a width that will fit in your side bar and decide on the other settings specific to your blog and your preference.

  • Then click “Get code”.
  • From the popup box, select the IFrame tab.

Iframe Like box code to copy

  • Copy and paste this code for your page.

Adding the Facebook Like Box code to your Blogger blog

In your Blogger dashboard, go to layout and add a new gadget to your sidebar. From the menu select HTML/Java Script and then paste in the IFrame code to the box.

Adding a facebook like box to blogger

Click Save and then Save Arrangement in the layout screen. You now have a fully functioning Facebook Like Box on your page.

Adding a Facebook like box to WordPress Blog

To add a Facebook like box to a WordPress blog you can use one of the many Facebook like box plugins for example the Facebook Like Box Widget.

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Social Media: Scheduling Posts on Facebook

Social Media Tips and How To's

With social media, it’s important to have a presence. One of the things that we know you have to do to help extend your reach on Facebook is to post often, around 2 – 3 times a day, but spread out over the day and night depending on where your audience is based. Without being online constantly, there is no other way to do it but through scheduling posts.

Facebook over the summer has introduced scheduling with pages. This means that you can plan your Facebook posts in advance and set them to go without having to be there to click ‘Post’.

How to schedule posts in facebook pages

Scheduling posts using the Facebook page scheduling appears to not affect your reach, unlike Hoot Suite, DVLR.it or other methods to post where posts scheduled via these systems are seen by less people, or so it would appear. Scheduling is easy, following these steps.

How to Schedule Posts in Facebook Pages

Write your post as normal and instead of clicking on post – click on the little clock icon at the bottom of the post box.

scheduline posts in your page timeline

You can then set the year, month, day, hour and minute (to the 00, 15, 30 and 45 minutes past the hour) that you want your posts to go out in your timeline. Once your post is set, click on the ‘Schedule’ button.

scheduling posts on your facebook timeline

Administer Scheduled Posts

Once a post is scheduled it disappears from your timeline – but don’t worry, you can review it and delete it if neccessary.

Go to the pages admin panel at the top and click on ‘Edit page’- then ‘Use Activity Log’.

reviewing scheduled posts in your timeline

Once in your activity log – you can see the scheduled posts at the top of the log. Using the arrow at the side of the post you can delete and change it if neccessary.

activity log showing scheduled posts

Social Media: Scheduling Posts on Facebook
Recipe Type: Social Media How To
Author: Cerys @ Rainy Day Mum
How to schedule posts on your Facebook page.
  1. Write the post as you would normally.
  2. Click on the clock icon in the botton left hand corner of the post box.
  3. Select the year, month, day, hour and minutes from the drop down boxes.
  4. Click on ‘Schedule’.
  5. To administer scheduled posts: Go to the admin panel.
  6. Click on ‘Edit Page’.
  7. Click on ‘Use Activity Log’.
  8. You can edit/delete posts in your activity log

5 Tips to Increase Your Facebook Reach

Social Media Tips and How To's

When you post a status or a link on your Facebook page, underneath it appears your reach, a measure of your posts views by users in their news feed or on your page – usually this is much less than your actual likes for your page. What we all want to know is how to increase the reach on each post.

Here are five quick and easy tips to help you
increase your Facebook page reach for posts.

5 tips to increase your reach on facebook

Post often – but not too often

Posting a couple of times a day at intervals means that people in different time zones will see your latest post – using the Facebook schedule option you can schedule posts to go when you are not around. However, posting too often means that people will either hit that spam button or hide your updates from their news feed.

Share – but not only your own stuff

Some of the most popular sites within the Kids Blogging niche have grown not from a blog but instead from sharing ideas of others and then the blog has come afterwards. People love seeing ideas and inspiration from others that you value instead of a sales site. Facebook should be seen as a community of loyal followers that you are building.

Use Photos

In your news feed a picture stands out – it takes up a space and jumps out from the mass of word status updates that you see. They are also shared more often than any other sort of post – suddenly for a picture post your reach can far exceed your number of likes as it goes viral on Facebook being shared over and over again. Putting your water mark on the picture will ensure that it gets back which page/url the picture comes from in the first place.

Ask simple questions

People like to talk about themselves and their kids. A simple question like – “Where are you from?” can get many more responses than something more relevant to your content that requires more thought to answer.

Keep it short

From some research by Virture on post length it’s best to keep your posts short and sweet – up to 90 characters there is a great response. The longer the post the less people will comment or like it.


What works for you to increase your reach on Facebook?


Facebook Cover Photo: Guidelines

Social Media Tips and How To's

Having a Facebook page is ideal for communicating with your readers. 

Setting up a cover photo is a way to make your Facebook page yours. Make it fit with the style of your blog.

It would be easy if you could just use your blog header for your Facebook cover photo, maybe you’re lucky and it’ll work. I haven’t had luck with it though and have had to switch a few things up.

First of all, the dimensions are important to know.


Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions

Facebook’s cover photo dimensions are 851px wide x 315px high.

And there’s a little area in the bottom left that you’re going to want to leave open (marked by the big red X in the below graphic), or at least free of ‘important information’. This is where your Facebook profile picture sits on the cover photo and will hide anything behind it.

 Facebook Cover Dimensions


If you want to get more technical to know exactly where that profile picture sits. The dimensions according to Facebook of the profile picture is 160x160px and it sits 23px from the left edge of your cover photo and 210px down from the top edge. This will give you the exact placement so you can be absolute sure of what you’ll see when you upload it into Facebook. 

Facebook Cover Technical Dimensions


Facebook Cover Photo Guidelines

Facebook, of course has guidelines for what you can or cannot include in your cover photo. Basically, they don’t want you to be obviously selling yourself using the cover photo.

Some important ones you’ll want to remember as to what to NOT include in your Facebook cover photo:

  • Website/Blog URL (Such as: kidbloggernetwork.com is not acceptable to have on the cover photo)
  • Contact Information, such as address, phone number or email address (Example: bloggingwithkids@gmail.com is not acceptable to have included in the cover photo!)
  • Referencing “Like” or “Share” (Don’t use “Like Us” in your cover photo!)
  • See all unacceptable cover photo guidelines at: What are the guidelines to my page’s cover photo?


Add your cover photo to your Facebook page!

  1. Go to your Facebook Page
  2. Click on “Add a Cover” or “Change Cover” (it will be where your Facebook Cover Photo is, or should be.)
  3. Choose to “Upload Photo” (or choose from an existing album on your page.)
  4. Choose your photo.
  5. You now have a chance to reposition your photo if its not exactly the right dimensions.
  6. Click Save.


 Do you have any additional Facebook Cover Photo tips?



Sync Facebook Page Updates with Tweets on Twitter

Social Media Tips and Tricks

I focus almost 50% of my social media time spent on Facebook (the other 50% on Pinterest). Twitter kind of just gets left out sometimes. But I think its important to have a presence there. But we’ll save those reasons for another day.


Social Media Efficiency:

In order to maximize my time spent, everything I post on my Facebook page gets streamed over to Twitter. Unless you’re already very active on Twitter, this is a great starting place for you to have a presence on Twitter to gain followers. 

How to Sync Facebook  Page Updates to Twitter

Sync Facebook Page Updates with Tweets on Twitter

Here’s how to set that up to make it happen (make sure you’re logged into both Facebook and Twitter first):

Setup Facebook Page to sync with Twitter Stream
  • Select the page on Facebook that you want to sync with Twitter by clicking on the “Link to Twitter” button.
  • Authorize the Twitter App.
  • Select what you want to show up in your twitter stream.I selected the following, but you can sync whatever you like! 
    • Status Updates
    • Photos
    • Links. 
You can edit what you sync at a later date if you find that you don’t like how its set up by going to https://www.facebook.com/twitter/ again and selecting “Edit Settings” beneath the page you set up.
Edit Facebook Page to Twitter Stream Settings

That’s it!

Test out what how it works! Post a status update (or something else that you selected to include) on your Facebook Page. Head over to Twitter and see your update there!

You will see the same update in both your Facebook updates and your Twitter stream!

Facebook Page Updates Streamed to Twitter


Facebook changes their system constantly (and Twitter does too, occasionally), so if you notice that the steps are different or if something just isn’t right, let me know in the comments and I’ll update the tutorial!