Setting up a Call to Action

Call to Action

setting up a call to action for your blog posts

You have a traffic spike, your post has gone viral are you making the most of it? What I mean is with those visitors are you getting them interested in what you have to offer, wanting them to find something else on your blog or become a regular reader if so then you need a Call to Action. Something that will get people’s attention and get them interacting or basically converting those new visitors to regular readers and explorers of your blog.

What is a call to action?

A Call to Action is a simple statement that you add to a post which will get your readers to do something you could ask them to

  • Follow you on facebook
  • Visit your pinterest account
  • Stumble you post
  • Subscribe to your RSS feed or Email
  • Get your newsletter
  • Share the post in some way or the other
  • Read another post on your blog
  • or anything else you would like them to do….

How you create a call to action?

I would set up a call to action on all of your posts for a start, if you notice on Blogging with Kids we try and pose a question at the end of the post, which is our call to action to invite you to comment, as well as invite you to join our community with each post.  We use WordPress and a plugin to create the call to action at the end of the post – in blogger you can create a gadget at the end of your posts and put in the Call to Action there so that it appears on each post.

WordPress Plugins for creating a Call to Action

  • Socialize – we use this on Blogging With Kids – scroll to the bottom of the post to see it in action
  • What would Seth Godin Do – I use this over on Rainy Day Mum, it uses Cookies to identify when a visitor is new to the site or returning and presents a different message based on this
  • WP Greet Box – this identifies where the visitor has come from and presents the call to action based on the referral e.g. if you visitor comes from Pinterest then you could set up a call to action to let them know that you are also on Pinterest and invite them to follow you there

Blogger Call to Action set up

From asking people in the know (bloggers!) the best way to add a call to action in blogger is with Post Template. To get to Post Template go into your blogger dashboard, then settings and post template – in the post template write you call to action with links in HTML code and save. This will place your call to action on all NEW posts that you write.

An example would be if you wanted to people to pop on over and like your facebook page you could have a call to action like the one below using the HTML tags <a href=”…”> for your links

If you would like to see more great ideas shared regularly then please come and like our <a href=""> Facebook Page </a>.

This will add a hyperlink to your text Facebook Page.

What to write in your call to action

You want to give the reader something to do specifically – are you trying to grow your RSS subscribers if so that should be your focus -make sure that your call to action is in your voice not a generic statement and go ahead and add it.

If you already have a call to action set up then why not take it a step further……

With your 10 most popular posts add in an extra call to action go and do it now and then come and share what you have done