Sunday Linky Parties & Facebook Shares

Sunday’s weekly linky parties include the following. Have fun linking up this week!


Linky Parties

Please note that these linky parties go live at some point today. They all go live at different times. If you click through and only see last week’s linky, that’s because this week isn’t live yet, or the blogger of the linky has decided to take the week off, so please come back and check it again!


Link & Learn: 


Tot School Gathering Place:

  • Link up your Tot School posts: FUN and PLAYFUL exposing early learning skills at home with young children ages 4 and below!
  • Weekly Features
  • Host: 1+1+1=1


Our Sunday Storybook:


Motivation Monday:


Fabulously Frugal:

Facebook Share Days

The Imagination Tree

Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds:

  • Share specific toddler and preschool activities on a topic.
  • This week’s topic is in the pinned post at the top of her page on Saturday night.

Learn with Play at Home:

  • Share activity ideas for kids

Housing a Forest:

  • Share kid friendly posts
  • Share any day

Natural Beach Living:

  • Share posts or pictures on parenting, natural living, homeschooling, activities for children of any age group.


  • Share kid’s crafts
  • Will be shared throughout the week!

Edventures with Kids

  • Share STEM activities, nature crafts/activities, outdoor fun and family travel ideas.
  • Posts will be shared & pinned throughout the week & considered for our monthly round-ups!

A Day in our Shoes:

  • Link up all your special needs posts–including parenting advice, sensory activities, light play activities, stuff like that.
  • Will share and pin them.

Raising Lifelong Learners

  • Homeschool Share Day! Share your homeschool-related post, especially about gifted kids, STEM and organizational type topics.
  • Will be shared and pinned throughout the week.

Mum in The Mad House

  • Come and share a post that is kid friendly.
  • Crafts, activities, recipes or parenting.
  • Best fits for our readers will be shared on our facebook and repinned where relevant.

Golden Reflections Blog:

  • Share sensory fun activities, tips, or informational posts.
  • Will be pinned to Sensory Fun Pinterest board and on FB throughout the week!

Creekside Learning:

  • Share math, science, art and hands-on learning ideas for preschool up to middle school.

Diary of a Frugal Family:

  • Share any posts you have that are about making the most you have, anything frugal, money saving, money making, parenting on a budget.
  • We will share them over the coming week.

Barbie Bieber and Beyond – Raising Girls:

  • Share all your favorite posts for the week.

Mama Pea Pod:

  • Share any play, craft, or parenting related posts aimed at parents of 2-10 year olds
  • No tech-related (“Slow-Play”)
  • Share any day

Best Toys for Toddlers:

  • Share activities, crafts, DIY ideas connected to toddlers and preschoolers.
  • Many re-shared throughout the week.

You Clever Monkey:

  • Share play based activities, art ideas, kid craft, book suggestions or parenting posts every Sunday!
  • Best fit ones will be re-shared throughout the week and may be pinned and/or tweeted as well.

Inspiring NH Kids:

  • Share a kid/family friendly post.
  • Many re-shared on social media.

Play Dr Mom:

  • Share what you and your kids have been up to over the past week at home, at school, or in a play therapy office!

A Thrifty Mum:

  • Share any posts you have that are about making the most you have, anything frugal, money saving, money making, parenting on a budget.
  • We will share them over the coming week.

Squiggles and Bubbles: 

  • Share an activity that can be enjoyed by babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Many re-shared throughout the week.

Saturday Linky Parties & Facebook Shares

Saturday’s weekly linkies include the following. Have fun linking up this week!


Linky Parties

Please note that these linky parties go live at some point today. They all go live at different times. If you click through and only see last week’s linky, that’s because this week isn’t live yet, or the blogger of the linky has decided to take the week off, so please come back and check it again!



Sharing Saturday:

  • Link up a kid-friendly, child-centered post
  • Weekly Features
  • Host: Crafty Moms Share

STEM Saturday:

Kids Learning Printables:

Pin It Party:

  • Link up your family friendly posts or pins
  • Most-clicked are shared
  • Favorites are pinned
  • Host: Your Modern Family

Share It Saturday:

Party in the Kids’ Kitchen:

  • Link up meal planning, kid-friendly kitchen activities, recipes, cookbook reviews, etc. Anything that happens in the kitchen.
  • Open Saturday 8am EST to Sunday midnight EST
  • Weekly Features
  • Host: In The Kids’ Kitchen

Saturday Evening Family Friendly Free-For-All:

Facebook Share Days

Red Ted Art:

  •  Share any child related posts, crafts do better, but all welcomed.

Pre-K Pages:

  • Share any preschool and kindergarten appropriate posts (ages 3-5). Kids activities including arts & crafts, science, literacy, math and more are welcome!
  • No TPT products.

Happy Hooligans:

  • Share any kid’s art/craft or activity post.

Living Montessori Now:

  • Share any kid-related post, doesn’t need to be Montessori inspired.

Fun at Home with Kids:

  • Share an activity on Saturday or Sunday.
  • Will pin and re-share favorites over Saturday and Sunday.

Enchanted Homeschooling Mom:

  • Pin Hollow! Share family, homeschooling, kitchen, DIY.
  • Will be pinned to the Pin Hollow Pinterest Board and may be shared throughout the week

Lemon Lime Adventures:

  • Share your sensory resource, dealing with sensory processing disorder, anxiety, or ADHD.
  • Will pin favorites and sharing through the week.

Itsy Bitsy Fun:

  • Share kid friendly crafts and activities (other posts welcomed too!).
  • Will re-share many throughout the week across social media.

B.Inspired Mama:

  • Pin Party Saturday! Share your best post from the week
  • Will be pinned.

Little Bins for Little Hands:

  • Share a science experiment you have done.
  • All age groups welcome!

Carrots are Orange:

  • Share a post on parenting, crafts, and activities for the home and the classroom, for kids and families.
  • Will share many over the week.

Sugar Aunts:

  • Will re-share with a link to FB pages
  • Share from your blog’s page!

Still Playing School:

  • Share your Kid Blogging Links.

A Little Pinch of Perfect:

  • Share kid friendly posts like kid crafts, kid activities or parent tips.
  • Will re-share many throughout the week spread across all social media sites (blog, facebook, pinterest, twitter).

Project Sensory:

  • Share your posts on anything related to the 7 senses, including sensory play, speech and language gross motor, fine motor or recipes for children.
  • Will pin all shares.

Suzie’s Home Education Ideas:

  • Share learning ideas about how children learn at home all weekend

Messy Little Monster:

  • Share crafts and activities for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

Hand Made Kids Art:

  • Share your favorite “pin of the week”. Anything clever, useful, witty, or creative…impress us!
  • Please make sure pins link to the appropriate source.
  • Will re-pin!

Sensory Activities For Kids:

  • Share everything edible as well as activities for oral motor sensory play!

The Fairy and The Frog:

  • Share any child friendly posts, especially those that feature play, craft, children’s books, literacy and ideas for developing talking.

Tiny Tots Adventures:

  • Share sensory activities
  • Will re-share throughout a two week time period.

Sunshine Whispers

  • Include any posts related to kids (but especially toddler and preschool) activities and crafts, literacy activities, travel posts, parenting posts (especially about toddlers and preschoolers), recipes, and Mom posts.
  • If you have a great post that Moms working outside the home (or working from home) would relate to, I would love to feature it too!
  • Will try to FB share and Pin each post throughout the week!


  • Share kids arts and crafts posts which include activities which are suitable for 2-6 year olds.
  • Will share them throughout the week.

Mom on the Move

  • Share your best family friendly posts from the week.
  • Will pin and share throughout the week!

Friday Linky Parties & Facebook Shares

Friday’s linkies include the following. Have fun linking up this week!


Linky Parties

Please note that these linky parties go live at some point today. They all go live at different times. If you click through and only see last week’s linky, that’s because this week isn’t live yet, or the blogger of the linky has decided to take the week off, so please come back and check it again!



Family Fun Friday:

  • Share your family friendly and/or fun posts or just browse all the fabulous features.
  • Goes live every Thursday afternoon between 4 and 5 PM EST.
  • Weekly Features
  • Host: Happy and Blessed Home


T.G.I.F Linky Party:

  • Link up your kid oriented posts
  • No giveaways
  • Weekly Features
  • Host: 123Homeschool4Me


Kitchen Fun and Crafty Friday: 

  • Link up anything food, kids, & crafts
  • Link back in post or sidebar
  • No giveaways
  • Weekly Features
  • Host: Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons


Preschool & Kindergarten Community:

  • Link up learning resources, ideas, and inspiration for preschool and kindergarten children.
  • Weekly Features
  • Host: Homeschool Creations


Friday Flash Blog:


Field Trip Friday:

  • Link up ‘FIELD TRIP’ related posts (does not have to be a ‘home school field trip’, can be any trip to any place with your children!)
  • Host: Chestnut Grove Academy


We Love Weekends:


Fun Food Friday:

  • Link up any food related posts – recipes, cooking with kids, bento lunches, toddler meals, creative cakes, snack ideas etc.
  • All posts are pinned to my Fun Food Friday Pinterest board, I also try to tweet and comment on them all.
  • Linky is open from the Friday until the following Wednesday.
  • Host:  Eats Amazing


Frugal Family Linky

  • Every week the co-hosts and myself will each publish a post for Frugal Family Linky with a link up packed full of creative, interesting and exciting ideas to help create a more frugal living style for your family and you!
  • Also some of the co-hosts will be adding a featured post of the week to their post.
  • If you are a blogger and you have published any posts that incorporate time, labour or money saving ideas families and their kids then join in! You never know you may get your post featured the following week!
  • So if you have upcycled something or found somewhere to visit for free, maybe you have cut down on the waste your family produces or you have written about planning a birthday party on a budget – then this is the place post!
  • Hosts: Witty HootsPeakle Pie, Nemcsok FarmsOur Daily CraftSunny Day FamilyMulti Crafting Mummy


Toddler Fun Friday

  • Link up your TODDLER activities (craft, cooking, play)
  • Will select posts to feature and share on social media and Pinterest.
  • Host: My Bored Toddler


Facebook Share Days

Teach Preschool:

  • Ideas that are play based, hands-on, fun, innovative, and can be modified to use in a preschool classroom is best.
  • No worksheets


  • Share an inspiring project that encourages creative thinking or a creative prompt that got your kid/s thinking outside the box

Buggy and Buddy:

  • Share one kid-related post that encourages learning, creativity, or fun!
  • Will pin and share throughout the week

The Jenny Evolution:

  • Share crafts, activities and learning adventures.
  • Will share many on Facebook and pin them.

And Next Comes L:

  • Share kid related activity or craft.
  • Will pin and share throughout the day.

Happy and Blessed Home:

  • Family Fun FB Share Day! Share family fun posts.
  • Please include your Pinterest pin.
  • Will share and re-pin many posts throughout the week.


  • Share posts that relates to toddlers & preschoolers including crafts, learning activities, creative play, or anything else for this age group.
  • Will pin and share everything throughout the week.

My Little 3 and Me:

  • Share your favorite kid friendly crafts, play ideas, learning activities or parenting posts.
  • Will share and pin throughout the week.

Bare Feet on the Dashboard:

  • Share posts related to frugal family living, frugal crafts and activities for kids, tips for saving money on family expenses and homeschool, etc/


  • Share learning activities, learning resources for kids of any age. Parenting articles are also welcome.

Life with Moore Babies:

  • Share kid friendly posts Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday!

Family Food and Travel:

  • Share any kids craft, recipe or family travel post.
  • Post will be scheduled throughout the week.

Play to Learn Preschool: 

  • Share a post, photo, etc. of children playing, learning and having fun.

Mamas Like Me:

  • Share your family friendly crafts, recipes, and activities!

My Little Me

  • Please share any fun crafts, activities etc for families to do together.
  • Will share on Twitter, Pinterest, and/or Facebook.

My Life of Travels and Adventures:

  • Share any kid friendly post.

From ABCs to ACTs:

  • Share kid-friendly posts! Crafts, activities, and homeschooling tips and resources.
  • Will share and pin throughout the week!

Danya Banya:

  • Share a fun and kid-friendly post on my wall (or any other day). Arts & crafts, messy play, healthy-ish recipes and easy DIY projects for mums to try.

The Super Mommy Club:

  • Share your best post of the week, parenting posts, activities for toddlers and older children and your tastiest recipes!
  • Will share posts across social media channels and many of the best posts will be featured in round ups on the blog.

Sensory Activities For Kids:

  • Share your scent and smell play! All kinds of activities for engaging the nose are welcome!

Pichea Place:

  • Share a family fun post.
  • Will pin all the relevant posts and re-share them on FB the following week.

Dabbling Momma:

  • Share kids activities/crafts, parenting tips, recipes, DIY and anything family fun related.
  • Will be re-sharing and pinning!

Snotty Noses:

  • Share kids health posts. Articles on health topics, or getting kids exercising or eating healthily are all welcome. Topics for babies could be about breastfeeding or introducing solids.

Creative World of Varya:

  • Share posts on parenting, character development, craft, creativity, family matters, education.
  • Will be re-shared, pinned and Twitted about!

Practical Mommy

  • Share any post related to: Parenting, Simple recipes, Easy crafts or games for kids.
  • Will share and PIN throughout the week.

 Twin Talk

  • Share budget-friendly and educational crafts, activities, sensory play ideas, or DIY projects for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers!
  • Any kid-friendly posts welcome!
  • Will pin and share throughout the week.

Thursday Linky Parties & Facebook Shares

Thursday’s weekly linkies  include the following. Have fun linking up this week!


Linky Parties

Please note that these linky parties go live at some point today. They all go live at different times. If you click through and only see last week’s linky, that’s because this week isn’t live yet, or the blogger of the linky has decided to take the week off, so please come back and check it again!



Love to Learn Linky:


The Virtual Refrigerator:

  • Link up your child’s latest creations. Art tutorials can also be shared.
  • Host: A Glimpse of Our Life


Frugal Family Linky:

  •  A family friendly linky party about all things frugal – money saving, time saving, upcycling and recycling.
  • Posts about arts and crafts, recipes and ways to reduce waste are all welcome.
  • Hosts:  Witty HootsPeakle PieRaising Wild OnesNEMCSOK Farms


Pincrazy Thursday Link Party


Get Your Shine On Link Party


Facebook Share Days

Creative with Kids:

  • Share your posts about positive parenting, real parenting stories, or ways to connect with kids.

No Time for Flash Cards

  • Share preschool projects and parenting preschoolers

Playdough to Plato:

  • Share hands-on learning activities for kids who are in preschool-first grade.
  • Will share and pin favorites throughout the week.
  • Take a moment to look at the other posts and like and comment on a few too.

Pint-sized Treasures:

  • Share your parenting tips, recipes, crafts and activities for kids and frugal living tips.
  • Will re-pin and share many posts

Virtual Book Club for Kids:

  • Share your favorite children’s book related crafts or activities that tie directly to a children’s book

3 Dinosaurs:

  • Share any kid friendly activities.

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails:

  • Share kid/family friendly post
  • Will re-share many throughout the week in social media.

I Heart Arts n Crafts:

  • Share any kid related crafts, activities, recipes, and parenting posts.
  • Will share and pin throughout the week!

True Aim:

  • Share any family friendly post
  • Will share posts throughout the weekend.

Fireflies and Mud Pies:

  • Share kids’ arts & crafts, activities, or recipes
  • Will pin and share favorites

Inspiration Laboratories:

  • Share a kid activity. Science activities are especially encouraged, but anything kid related.

Happy and Blessed Home:

  • Cooking and Kids FB Share Day! Share any recipes, fun things for kids to eat, delicious yummy treats for your family, or any recipe that kids and families will love.
  • Will pin and share many throughout the week.
  • Please include your pinterest pin if possible.

Let’s Play Music:

  • Share your any educational kid activity – particularly (if possible) anything to do with music and song, exploring sound or rhythm and movement
  • Will share on FB and G+ and Pin throughout the week.

Mama Smiles:

  • Share creative fun and learning for kids, as well as parenting posts. Tutorials for handmade toys are also welcome.
  • Will pin and share favorites

ALLterNATIVE Learning:

  • An Upcycle a Day Keeps the Landfills at Bay! Share your posts that use all recycled/upcycled materials! Posts can be natural living, recycling, gardening, and other green and outdoor topics for kids and families!
  • Will try to share and pin throughout the weekend each week!

Love, Play, Learn:

  • Please stop by and share a favorite kids activity, craft, or parenting post.
  • Will pin sometime in the week.

Stay At Home Educator

  • Share anything related to early childhood education, especially (but not limited to) the ‘why’s’ behind the ‘what’ and the ‘how’.
  • Will post, tweet, and pin as many as I can throughout the week.

Parenting Chaos:

  • Share kids activities aimed at ages 0-8 and anything related to autism that ASD parents may find useful.
  • Relevant posts shared will be pinned to corresponding group boards and across Google+.

Multicultural Kids Blog:

  • Global Cafe! Share posts on exploring the world with your child.

Sensory Activities For Kids:

  • Share visual activities for kids! Visual sensory play of all kinds welcome!

There’s Just One Mommy:

  • Share a kid-friendly craft or activity.
  • Post will be reshared throughout the week.

Hodge Podge Craft:

  • Share craft ideas for kids, recipes & activities for kids too,
  • More likely to share crafts.

Generation iKid:

  • Share any family-friendly and kid-focused activities.

Brain Power Boy:

  • Share activities, hands-on learning & play ideas, anything LEGO, book lists, as well as posts on parenting and/or homeschooling boys.
  • Traditional boy topics do better on my page but all are welcome.
  • Will tweet, pin and share many posts throughout the week.

A Mommy’s Adventures:

  • Throwback Thursday #TBT! Share one or two of your favorite throwback posts on A Mommy’s Adventures.

Superheroes and Teacups:

  • Share parenting tips, recipes, educational activities for kids 5 and older, and anything else family-friendly.
  • I will pin and share throughout the week.

Nemcsok Farms:

  • Share nature crafts, recipes, books, activities and anything else!
  • Will share and pin throughout the week.

 My Bored Toddler

  • Share any activity suitable for toddlers.
  • Will share and pin throughout the week.
  • Please ensure that they are toddler focused.

When We’re at Home

  • Share crafts, learning activities, parenting tips and tricks, homeschooling articles and any other family oriented post.
  • Will share many posts across social media throughout the week.

Kidz Activities

  • Share kids crafts, kids food ideas, creative play ideas and other kids activities!
  • Favorites will be featured in blog, pinned and shared.

Wednesday Linky Parties & Facebook Shares

Wednesday’s weekly linky parties include the following. Have fun linking up this week!


Linky Parties

Please note that these linky parties go live at some point today. They all go live at different times. If you click through and only see last week’s linky, that’s because this week isn’t live yet, or the blogger of the linky has decided to take the week off, so please come back and check it again!



Mom’s Library:

Mommy Club Link Up:

What’s for Lunch Wednesday:

  • Link up cute and fun food ideas for kids of all ages, food design, desserts, recipes and more!

Welcome Party Wednesday:

  • Link up posts by topic – anything mom, kid, food, and/or home related is welcome!
  • Each week there are new link-ups added to this list.
  • No giveaways
  • Roundup Features
  • Host: Makeovers & Motherhood

A Little Bird Told Me Weekly Linky Party:

Craft & Activity Share:

  • Link up your posts by topic.
  • Each week there are new link-ups added to this list.
  • Roundup Features
  • Host: Kids Activities Blog

Workbox Wednesday


Facebook Share Days

Kids Activities Blog:

  • Share your favorite kid craft, activity, or parenting post from the past week


  • Share family friendly recipes, gentle parenting ideas, play based activities
  • Some weeks there may be a theme posted 

Laughing Kids Learn:

  • Share a kid activity, craft or idea that encourages learning through play.

3 Boys and a Dog:

  • Share all things parenting resource related – recipes and kid activities do the best

Montessori Nature:

  • Share kid and family friendly post with activities or parenting advice, that promotes interaction with nature, natural alternatives and solutions.
  • Will share and pin as many as possible.

The Educators’ Spin On It:

  • Playful Preschool! Share a preschool post geared for hands-on activities for children 3-5 years old.
  • No printables.
  • Will share favorites on social media and direct activity links on the blog!

Left Brain Craft Brain:

  • Little Brainiacs! Share any STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art + Design, Mathematics) focused posts.
  • Will share and pin throughout the week.

The Pleasantest Thing:

  • Share any kids activity you love.
  • Will pin and share it throughout the week.

Crayon Box Chronicles:

  • Share kid-friendly crafty posts!
  • Will re-share and pin throughout the week.

Happy and Blessed Home:

  • Sensory Fun! Share ideas for sensory fun! Sensory bins, goos, goops, sticky stuff, touchy-feely stuff
  • Include a pinterest pin if possible.
  • Will pin and share many throughout the week.

Tips from a Typical Mom:

  • Share about mothering. Advice, crafts, recipes, cleaning, organizing, etc.
  • Will pin everything that is relevant and re-share many.

Bare Feet on the Dashboard:

  • Share any kid related creative craft or activity
  • Will pin and share throughout the week.

Raising Lifelong Learners:

  • Share your kids activities, hands-on science, sensory, kids in the kitchen, and STEM activities.
  • Willl share and pin throughout each week.

Golden Reflections Blog: 

  • Share tot-school and homeschool preschool related posts,  geared towards homeschool planning, curriculum, activities, ideas etc. for ages 2-6.
  • Will pin and share throughout the week. 

Where Imagination Grows:

  • Share any kid-related post to our page.
  • Will pin and share posts throughout the week.

The Diary of a Frugal Family:

  • Share your frugal, thrifty and money-saving posts.
  • Will share them throughout the following week.

Lovely Commotion:

  • Share any activities, crafts or family fun for the kindergarten and under crowd.

Sensory Activities For Kids:

  • Share everything gross motor! Gross motor sensory play including proprioceptive and vestibular sensory input!

Just Another Mom:

  • Share any family friendly post- recipes, homeschooling, crafts, etc.
  • Will pin and share throughout the week.

The Library Adventure:

  • Share posts relating to BOOKS. Posts with book lists, literacy tips for parents and educators, activities based on specific books, book themed parties
  • Will share throughout the week and may be pinned and/or tweeted.

Playful Matters:

  • Share posts on kid’s learning, playing, creating, parenting, mama craft and home schooling.

The Sunny Patch:

  • Share posts on homeschooling, books & reading, activities and crafts for elementary or middle school aged kids, or family related activities.
  • Will re-share, tweet & pin!

Munchkin and Bean:

  • Share child-friendly posts about fun learning activities, crafts, play ideas, and homeschooling.

CanDo Kiddo

  • Share baby-related posts from the week or from your archives: baby play activities, pregnancy/birth posts, baby parenting tips and inspiration.
  • Include your Pinterest pin if possible.
  • Will share and re-pin many throughout the week!

Sunny Day Family

  • Share kids’ activities, crafts, parenting posts – anything family friendly.
  • Will pin and share throughout the week!

Our Little House in the Country:

  • Share family friendly posts in particular kids art & crafts, learning activities, outdoor play, sensory play, children’s books, parenting tips and tricks, tips for family travel
  • Will share on our facebook page and pin to our relevant boards too!

Little Worlds:

  • Share your creative activities, kids and mommy crafts, DIY projects and any creative play related posts.
  • Will share, pin and tweet throughout the week.
  •  Feel free to share on any day!

Mama Bee Simple:

  • Share posts that inspire creative families and introduce healthier options & crafts in their lifestyle.
  • Best post will be featured on the Mama Bee Simple Blog at the end of the day!