Mom’s Nap Time Reads

Moms Nap Time Reads

Sit down, grab a cuppa and cake (yes a very English expression there) get comfortable and check out these posts from the last week that you may have missed from members within our community.

Memory Making Jar

First off from Inspire Imagination Through Creation a nifty way to store those milestone and memories throughout the years that they created together at home.

Creative Sensory Play

We all love playing with play dough with our kids and I love the way that Mama Smiles adds extra elements like Rocks and stones to the play and turns it into creative sensory play.

Fun Fall Learning Activity

From Love, Play, Learn there is a fun fall learning activity all to do with size and texture makes me want to flick through the seed catalogue for next year and order some of these varieties to do this activity.

Giant Tic Tac Toe with an Autumn Theme

From The Usual Mayhem this fun Tic Tac Toe Game uses Autumn leaves with some added fun I can’t wait to give it a try as it looks so much fun.

Pumpkin PrintingWhat do we do all day does some fun pumpkin printing with mini pumpkins. We love printing and printing with pumpkins is one thing we haven’t tried yet will have to add it to our ever growing list.

Things to do with Pine Cones

With 7 fun ideas that are learning and crafty Making Boys Men has some great ideas for things to do with pine cones and kids.

I hope you have enjoyed our nap time reads and check back next week to see what members of our community have been sharing over the last week.