Recommended Blogging Etiquette for Kid Bloggers

The KBN is an awesome place for lots of reasons, but foremost, it’s a place where a group of bloggers come together to support each other and help each other grow. Lots of other blogging genres have reputations for trying to cut each other down – but that’s not us, which makes us special.

Since we do share so many resources – Pinterest boards, Facebook share days, round-ups, etc, it’s really nice to be as considerate of others as we can.

As such, Asia of Fun at Home with Kids, Allison of No Time for Flash Cards and myself have developed this guide for recommended etiquette. It’s just a way to be sure we’re being thoughtful of each other in this shared space, and to foster a collaborative, rather than a competitive, environment.


Here are some common FAQs about etiquette:

What do you do when a post on another site gives you a great idea for something similar?  

A nice way to thank that person for inspiring you is to link to them in your post.

When you link, you want to link to the activity that inspired you (not to the blog’s homepage).

It is also nice to say the name of the blog that inspired you (vs. saying “I found it here.“).

What do you do when you see a really cool activity/tutorial/recipe on someone’s site and you want to blog about that same activity/tutorial/recipe?

If you’d like to blog about an original activity/tutorial/recipe from another blogger, the ideal situation is one where you are able to share the traffic from that post with them (the source).

In the situation above, the link is a nice way to give them an SEO boost (it lets search engines know that the post you link to is valued), but it doesn’t lead to a lot of click thrus/traffic.

So, how do you drive traffic to them?  

If it is a tutorial you are replicating, you may want to leave off all the steps or maybe just the last few – this will get readers to click through to get the full story.

If it is a recipe, either leave the ingredients and the amounts or just the amounts on the source site.  Readers will then click through to get the recipe.

If the activity isn’t one where you can easily refer people to the source site for information, you could either share your photo of the activity on your Facebook page with a link to the source, or if you really want to write a blog post about it, I’ve seen people mention a few other posts on the source site they love to give people a reason to click through.

If it is a printable, link to the original post where you found the printable, not directly to the printable itself. Do not ever, ever upload the printable to your own site to download. That is an incredibly big no-no.

How do I know if an activity/tutorial/recipe is original or not?

If you can’t tell, ask the blogger. You can privately message them via their personal Facebook page or through their blog’s Facebook page.

What if I have an activity planned or completed (but haven’t yet posted) and I see someone post a super similar activity?

No worries – you can still post. If you’d like, you can message that blogger and give them a heads-up that you were planning or are about to post something similar.

What if I see that someone has done something similar to me on their blog or Facebook page – is it OK to leave a link to mine?

In general it’s best to avoid leaving links in comments on other people’s blogs, Facebook pages, or pins.

This kind of behavior can be seen as spammy, and if you are trying to get them to cite you remember that they may have been inspired elsewhere or come up with the idea on their own.

It’s always best to contact someone privately if you have something you’d like to discuss with them.

Give them the benefit of the doubt.

What if I feel like someone has been inspired by or replicated one of my activities?

First and foremost, please remember that overlapping ideas is something that commonly occurs.  Try to give someone the benefit of the doubt.

If it is really bothering you, try messaging them privately (as politely as possible) to clear things up.

The above suggestions are those that most bloggers agree are best practices for blogging etiquette.


Please remember that the KBN does not have the resources to mediate any arguments between bloggers – we hope instead that you will work together to find a mutually acceptable conclusion as members of the same community. The KBN is not responsible for how a member blogs, but does hold high standards to the quality of members within the Facebook group.

Do you have any blogging etiquette FAQs to add or answer? Ask and share in the comments!


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    I love ways to educate, enhance and encourage the right way of doing things and you ladies nailed it!

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