[NEW Rule] Pinning with Permission to Feature

The new rule of the KBN Pinterest boards:

Any pin you pin to the KBN Pinterest boards gives KBN members your permission to use a photo and link to your post.

KBN Pinterest Boards

Why the change?

Because the KBN Pinterest Boards are excellent sources for you, KBN Members, to use to find posts to feature!

This takes care of two birds with one stone. Easy to find great content. You also have their permission to use it without having to ask: Easy.

You are also putting your great content in front of them to feature. Easy. So make sure you’re pinning your posts to the boards regularly [and make sure they’re relevant to the board so its easy to find that great content].

Are you catching the drift?

This is to make everything easy.

Another plus side of this, is that you aren’t telling the whole group what you’re posting about in the near future! It’s completely at your discretion. No need to put a call out for posts in the Facebook group. Of course, there will be times when there are specific requests that you will want help finding posts for, and that’s still okay. Just check the Official KBN Pinterest boards first.

Therefore, I am making it a rule that if you are pinning to the Official KBN Pinterest boards, you will be giving members of the KBN your permission to use your post with a photo/link. 

If you are not okay with giving this permission, then you will be responsible for removing and pins from the Official KBN Pinterest boards that you’ve already pinned and can remove yourself from the boards [you may edit the board and click on ‘Leave’].

From now on, this will be in the form when KBN Members request to be a part of the KBN Boards.

Got it?

Phew. Important stuff today.

P.S. Need to be added as a contributor to the KBN Pinterest boards? Request here.