KBN Pinterest Boards!

I want to officially announce it. The Kid Blogger Network has a presence on Pinterest!

You can request to be contributors here by filling out the form.

Whether or not you want to be a contribute, it’s going to be an awesome resource for pulling posts for our own content use. Be sure to follow the KBN boards here.

Its going to take a bit to build a following, so don’t get discouraged. But I think if we all begin to pin regularly to the boards, we’ll grow pretty fast! In just one week, we’ve already gained over 500 followers! I think we can do even better than that, but I need help from the KBN members.

I’ve created a button for the KBN boards, feel free to post this on your blog, or share it via Facebook, or even pin it to your own boards (I pinned it here already).

Here’s the button:


A code to stick it on your blog:

<center><a href=”http://www.pinterest.com/kidbloggers/“><img width=175 height=175 alt=”Kid Blogger Network on Pinterest: crafts, activities and more from babies to big kids!” src=”http://kidbloggernetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/kbn-pinterest.png“></a></center>

Time to rock it on Pinterest ladies! These are going to be a great go-to resource for us as well, so make sure you pin your posts there (even if the repin rate isn’t stellar at the moment, it will be!), it will be a great place for us to pick up posts for our own roundups!

Thanks for making the KBN a great ‘team’!

About Jamie Reimer

Jamie is the founder of the Kid Blogger Network. She loves everything to do with blogging... whether its the social media, the tech aspect, or making money... and she's here to share her knowledge with fellow KBN members! Jamie's also the creator and author of hands on : as we grow.