Tutorial – Adding a Facebook Like Box

Adding a Facebook Like Box to your blog

Tutorial on Adding a facebook like box to your blog

If you followed our tutorial on how to add social media buttons to your blog you will now have a way for you readers to connect with you on social media. However, they have to leave the page which you don’t really want them to.

Instead, adding a Facebook like box to your blog is a good way to build a Facebook following without your reader having to leave your page. It also enables people to see whether they already like you without having to leave your blog as well (and whether their friends like your blog as well, which can also encourage people to like your page).

Add a Facebook like box to your Blogger blog

Although it’s more difficult to add the like box to your blog when you use Blogger, it’s not difficult, it’s just a case of making sure that the settings are correct before you begin.

Getting your like box created

First off, you need to create the like box to use on your blog.

You can do this at in the Developer’ Like Box section of Facebook (no need to freak out, its really simple, I promise).

You can also find this page by going to your Facebook page:

  • Click on ‘Edit page’ in the admin section
  • Choose the first option, ‘Update Info’

how to add a facebook like box to my blog

  • Choose ‘Resources’ from the side menu a
  • Click on the ‘Social plugins’

facebook social plugins

  • In the Social Plugin, Choose ‘Like Box’

The other options will give you options to have most recent posts etc but the set up for each is the same.

Set up your Facebook Like Box to your liking

Here you need to set up how you would like the Like Box to appear on your blog.

creating a facebook like box for your blog

Add your Facebook page URL to the top box, make sure that the Send button is unchecked, input a width that will fit in your side bar and decide on the other settings specific to your blog and your preference.

  • Then click “Get code”.
  • From the popup box, select the IFrame tab.

Iframe Like box code to copy

  • Copy and paste this code for your page.

Adding the Facebook Like Box code to your Blogger blog

In your Blogger dashboard, go to layout and add a new gadget to your sidebar. From the menu select HTML/Java Script and then paste in the IFrame code to the box.

Adding a facebook like box to blogger

Click Save and then Save Arrangement in the layout screen. You now have a fully functioning Facebook Like Box on your page.

Adding a Facebook like box to WordPress Blog

To add a Facebook like box to a WordPress blog you can use one of the many Facebook like box plugins for example the Facebook Like Box Widget.

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