7 Ways to Get Your Blog Seen

Alright. So you’re doing everything right. You’re writing awesome content. You’ve got your social media sites set up (at least the main ones like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest).

You’re working on SEO and getting your keywords down.

But the numbers for pageviews just aren’t coming in. The followers aren’t happening. What can you do to get some blog growth?

First of all, it takes time. Sometimes, a lot of time. Slow and steady growth is probably best actually, when it happens this way you get followers that stick around and want to hang on to your every word.

Secondly, don’t look at numbers on a day to day basis, step back and look at it from month to month. Are the numbers growing steadily in an overall manner? Don’t be discouraged by a few bad days here and there.

However, there are a few other things you can do to get your blog out there for people to see!

Ways to Promote your Blog

7 Ways to Get Your Blog Seen

  1. Pinterest. I’m just restating this one because its a big one. Collaborate with other bloggers to build a bigger and better Pinterest board for your followers! Work in numbers! When you join others’ Pinterest boards, you’re sharing your pins with their following. Don’t go all collaborate though, you need to keep yourself as yourself too. Don’t put all your eggs into just Pinterest though.
  2. Comment on other blogs. This is the best way to build one on one relationships with other bloggers. Why would you want to do that, bloggers aren’t your readers or followers, they’re actually competition? A big secret to blogging. Bloggers love to share other bloggers’ ideas with their readers! Build a relationship with others and soon you’ll be sharing each others’ posts left and right. Getting your posts in front of their readers. Yay!
  3. Reply to your comments. Same concept as commenting on other blogs. It builds relationships. But this one brings in your own readers. It makes you a human to your followers and makes them want to come back for more conversation with the next post.
  4. Guest posts. This one is the hardest and most time consuming to me. But, can benefit you the most too. Guest posting on a blog that’s bigger than your own is good for a couple of reasons. One, it gets your name, your idea, and links to your blog in front of all their readers, first hand. Secondly, it also helps with SEO to have your links associated with a blog that’s bigger than yours! And an even bigger bonus maybe, it gets you in good with that blogger (a relationship has formed), they’ll have respect for you and your content and more likely want to promote you down the road.
  5. Submissions sites. Submission sites are sites such as The Crafty Crow, or UCreate with Kids that tend to feature other bloggers’ posts on a regular basis, and a lot of times as a single post to really let you shine. There’s usually a submission form, or an email contact, on their site to submit one of your posts that is fitting for their site.  You then just wait, hope and pray that they like it enough to feature it. And when they do, shout it to the world and share it with your readers, and then check your stats because you’re sure to see some good pageviews coming in.
  6. Collaborate with others! Once again. I feel like I’m pounding this into you. Building relationships with other bloggers is an amazing avenue to gain followers, promoting each other, and so on. So, work together to bring your readers something even more brilliant than you could do on your own. Believe me, after doing The Heart Project and raising over $2300 for The American Heart Association, I know it pays to work together in numbers. We’ve created ‘Events‘ here on Blogging With Kids to make collaborating with each other easier. You can see all the happenings in one place and get a group started to work on your projects!
  7. Link up to the happenin’ parties! That’s linky parties! Find parties in your niche, like It’s Playtime!, Tuesday Tots, Learning Laboratory, and so on. Usually these are weekly parties to share a post that is fitting (read the rules of the specific party) and browse others to get new ideas and, once again, find other bloggers and start building relationships with them! Once again, browse the Events here on Blogging With Kids. Members of the Learning Zone Community have added their linky parties so we make sure we don’t miss any!

There’s always other ways to share your blog posts to gain new readers, such as StumbleUpon. Every once in awhile you might get a nice spike in traffic from them. Also, giveaways are a way to get new followers (but not necessarily readers), but they’re not the best quality of follower, and you really have to know where to promote your giveaways to make it a successful one!

Do you notice anything that’s repeated throughout the list? Build relationships. This is the fun part of blogging, and also a crucial part of getting your blog out there more. Be social, interact, ask questions, join forces. Become friends!

So let us in on your secrets. What do you do to gain new readers, followers, or just to get your name out there one more time?

How do you get your blog seen?

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Jamie is the founder of the Kid Blogger Network. She loves everything to do with blogging... whether its the social media, the tech aspect, or making money... and she's here to share her knowledge with fellow KBN members! Jamie's also the creator and author of hands on : as we grow.


  1. Thanks! 🙂 There are some great tips here to keep in mind! 🙂

  2. Great post Jamie! I really admire the way you manage your blogging/social media time 🙂

  3. Great tips. I think Pinterest is a huge one. I will definitely try submitting things to craftycrow and Ucreate! Do you have any suggestions on guest posting? When you do a guest post how should I get people to click through to my blog? Thanks!

  4. Thanks Jamie for sharing your knowledge!

  5. Thanks for the tips. There are a few I haven’t looked into yet so I’m excited to give those a try. I agree that guest posting is very helpful. I’ve seen a lot of new visits to my site from those posts. I just recently started inviting others to guest post on my blog. If you are interested in guest posting about literacy, please contact me. I’d be happy to have you. Pinterest has also been a HUGE draw to my blog. I agree that you shouldn’t have all collaborative boards. I just found this blog and have lots of reading to do. Thank you!