Blog Etiquette: 13 Ways to Share Nicely

Blog Etiquette: 13 Ways to Share Nicely

A lot of bloggers take great pride in the content they share on their blogs (can you blame them? Its their time, their content, their photos, their writing!). Bloggers that blog about their kids especially do. While they want their posts to be shared by you, they don’t want their content stolen and implied to be your own.

Sharing others’ content with your readers, fans, and followers is a great way to start your own community. It is a good thing to share! It’s a win-win for both you and the blogger you’re sharing! Do it!

But wait.

While sharing others’ content is great and usually very much appreciated, you can’t just take it and make it seem as if you created it. There is a right and wrong way to share others’ content, photos and posts.

Its easy if you just remember to play nicely. Ask yourself a couple of questions before sharing:

  • If the situation were reversed, would I be happy with the crediting?
  • How would I like someone to share my own content?
  • Did I give credit to the proper person? 

Let’s share and play nicely, just like we teach our kids to do.

Let's Share and Play Nicely

Here’s 13 tips on what sharing is acceptable, and what’s not.

Sharing: What isn’t acceptable?

    • Copying an entire post of someone else’s. This just is plain stealing. Its wrong. Even if you have permission from the other blogger to use their post in its entirety, Google doesn’t like it. It’s not good for your SEO or the other blogger’s SEO. It needs to be changed up even when you have permission. Copying any more than 3 sentences of content isn’t acceptable.
    • Using photos that aren’t yours without credit. Whether it’s in a blog post or on a social media platform, it’s always best to use photos that you take yourself. You will run into absolutely no gray areas that way. There are times that you’d like to feature a post with a photo. Most bloggers are okay with you using one of their photos with it linking back to their post that includes that photo, as well as text credit and link. This isn’t always the case though, so look for a disclaimer on their site. They may want you to get permission for any photo you use first. When in doubt, ask first.
    • Using more than one photo that isn’t yours. It’s not okay. There’s no reason to use more than one photo of someone else’s. If you are, you’re probably stealing too much of their content otherwise anyway.
    • Stealing ideas without credit. This is a huge gray area. We all know that an idea cannot be copyrighted, right? That said, if you see an idea that you’re trying out, and you blog or write about it, just give the person that you saw it from some credit. This gets to be a gray area because so many ideas are just common ideas that have been around for ages. But if its new to you, and you saw it somewhere before you did it that inspired you (even if you changed it up a tad), the right thing to do is to just to share your inspiration.

Sharing: What is acceptable?

    • Absolutely credit any photo that’s not yours. 
    • Credit any idea that you’ve been inspired by with a link to their blog. And a helpful hint: Don’t just say from “this post” and link “this post”, be descriptive in your linking and its a boost for SEO for both you and the other blogger!
    • Use only one photo from a source. You should crop it and resize it to a thumbnail size photo, and always make sure to link it to the source. And give it a link in the text too!
    • Always link to the original post (not just the blog homepage) and mentioning the source in the text is always nice.
    • Don’t alter a photo just to take out the watermark. Do not crop out watermarks! Thumbnails of images are great actually, so you can crop for that as best you can. And sometimes a photo of a child’s face that isn’t yours isn’t the best thing to feature. If you can, choose a different photo. If you’re cropping to take the watermark out, it makes it look like you’re claiming it as your own. Be better than that.
    • When in doubt, ask first.

A text example of proper sharing:

“Inspired by this Mess Free Painting from Rainy Day Mum.”

3 ways to easily and properly share on Facebook:

    • Whenever possible, find the originator’s Facebook Post of the post that you’d like to share and click “Share” from there. This automatically gives them credit right there. (Sometimes this is hard to do because it might be an old post, or you may actually be ahead of sharing it before the source blog does!)

Click "Share" on the original source's Facebook post

      • Share the link to the source.
      • Whenever possible, tag the source’s Facebook page using the @ symbol. You may have to look up their Facebook page from their blog to find the name they use (it’s not always the same as their blog name).

If you are sharing a photo that is not yours, remember to always:

Edited to Add: This is a huge gray area of good blog etiquette. If you do decide to share a photo on your Facebook page that is not yours, please remember to do the following. However, please consider that there are bloggers that don’t want you to share their photos on your Facebook page either. And just a link to the blog post is appropriate then when you want to share.
      • Absolutely be sure you know who is the originator of the photo (quotes have a tendency to be floating around with absolutely no credit whatsoever, so be careful with these).
      • Link, link, link.
      • Tag, tag, tag.

How to Properly Share on Facebook

(The photo shared above was shared on the Blogging With Kids Facebook Page and is from Everything Etsy in her post about 10 Tips for Writing Blog Post Titles that Sell! — I recommend checking that one out!)

I know there’s a lot of instances of improper sharing.

If you’ve seen improper sharing, please share it in the comments!

I’d love to add it in here as additional unacceptable sharing behaviors! 

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  1. Great advice!!!

  2. Sarah @ Stay At Home Eductaor says

    I agree, great advice! I believe strongly in blogging etiquette, (and etiquette in general), but being new to blogging I’m always questioning what the rules are. Thanks for this post.

  3. Great post! I love how you put it all in such clear terms. I will be sharing this when necessary. Thanks again, from a fellow blogger 🙂

  4. Richard Buse says

    These are great tips, Jamie. What bloggers should realize is properly citing sources of ideas, photos and text enhances their credibility in two ways.

    First, such citations indicate a commitment to ethical behavior.. Secondly, such citations indicate a willingness to learn by seeking and evaluating other sources of good content.