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30+ ideas for back to school

School has started for some and for others next week is the Big start. Here’s over 30 ideas for getting you off to a great start this school year.


Back to school book BasketReading about school is a great way to introduce your child to starting school or returning to school after a long break.

Adventures in Reading has a back to school book basket (seen above) with a countdown to starting.

A great list of books for those starting or returning from My Little Bookcase.

Boy Mama Teacher Mama has 5 books to read with your childs on the subject of school.

Even more reading with a selection of books on starting school from Smiling Like Sunshine.

Whether it’s preschool thru to Middle School KC Edaventures has some books for you to read with your children.

Starting preschool can be terrifying for a mom and a child of SAHM so reading a book on the subject and doing activities is a great way to get them ready to go just like this from Rainy Day Mum.

Getting crafty for back to school

Pocket Hearts for your child - Curly BirdsGet crafty yourself or with your children is a great way to get together and talk about school over the crafts.

These pocket hearts from Curly Birds are cute and practical to send with your child as they venture back to school or off for the first time.

It’s not just our children that may need some pocket hearts – Curly Birds has a simple version for your kids to make you. Especially for those first time away moments.

With two crafts to do with your kids Mama Pea Pod gets your kids crafting to set up their homework or homeschool area and a pencil topper for their pencil case.

These back to school stone pets in their houses are perfect for little kids to take to school with them to remind them of home from Red Ted Art – a great activity to get you crafting with your little ones.

With 30 crafts Red Ted Art has some stationery themed crafts to get you crafting together to start school this Fall.

Heading back to school – here’s 20 more crafts from Red Ted Art to keep you busy.

With a no sew fabric pen roll Rainy Day Mum makes even the least crafty of you able to create something unique with your child.

Fun and Games

Word games from One Perfect Day

Fun and games are a great way to get you in the school mode and even better to do when homeschooling young one.

With some word family games One Perfect Day has a great textured fun way to get spelling.

Creating a Name Kit is a great fun way to get children learning about their Names from Fun a Day.

Check out these ways to get children remembering their and others names in preschool from Fun a Day.

Setting up at home

Setting up a Montessori classroom at home - Living Montessori Now

Whether you will be homeschooling or sending your child to school having a place at home and ways that you do things at home is a huge benefit.

Living Montessori Now shows us how to set up a Montessori preschool classroom at home.

Getting a morning routine set up is key to changing the pace from the summer holidays with relaxed mornings to having to leave by a set time every day and The Pleasantest Thing has a morning routine chart to help you out.

Filling those bellies

Lunch box Ideas - Life at the Zoo

When it comes to packed lunches Sandwiches are not the only thing you can do. Filling their bellies with healthy fun food will make it better for the teachers come afternoon sessions as the children will be refreshed and refilled to start again.

With these tips, tricks and recipes Life at the Zoo has collated loads for you to help you out.

Packed lunches don’t just have to be sandwiches – these ideas from Second Chance to Dream are full of sandwich less healthy lunches for your kids to eat.

Advice from those in the know

8 ways to prepare your child for preschool - Hands on as we growSharing ideas and advice is one of the benefits of blogs. And here are some of the ways that you can help prepare your self and your child for school.

From Hands on as we grow – 8 ways to prepare your child for preschool – a guest post from experienced Preschool and Kinder teachers.

With a podcast Raising Playful Tots talk to Janae from I can Teach about 5 areas we can help our children have a positive school experience.

Boy mama Teacher Mama has some tips and advice for those first day jitters.

From Busy Kids Happy Mom two great ideas to help with the start of school – the back to school fairy and writing to your childs teacher.

Teachers can create wonderful traditions witin their classroom and Teach Preschool has a first day of preschool tradition that they share with us.

As parents we need some advice as well – it can be daunting knowing what to do. Being a prefect kinder parent and knowing what to pack in your childs back pack, some great advice from Kindergarten and preschool for parents and teachers.

Moving from Preschool to Kindergarten is a big step and knowing whether it’s right for your child as well as helping to make the transition is one of your parenting milestones.

Starting school maybe the first time your child has come in contact with a child with special educational needs and from Kindergarten and preschool for parents and teachers here is some great advice for you and your child.

Are you ready for school to start this year?

Happy, excited, or sad to see the new year begin?

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