5 Tips to Increase Your Facebook Reach

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When you post a status or a link on your Facebook page, underneath it appears your reach, a measure of your posts views by users in their news feed or on your page – usually this is much less than your actual likes for your page. What we all want to know is how to increase the reach on each post.

Here are five quick and easy tips to help you
increase your Facebook page reach for posts.

5 tips to increase your reach on facebook

Post often – but not too often

Posting a couple of times a day at intervals means that people in different time zones will see your latest post – using the Facebook schedule option you can schedule posts to go when you are not around. However, posting too often means that people will either hit that spam button or hide your updates from their news feed.

Share – but not only your own stuff

Some of the most popular sites within the Kids Blogging niche have grown not from a blog but instead from sharing ideas of others and then the blog has come afterwards. People love seeing ideas and inspiration from others that you value instead of a sales site. Facebook should be seen as a community of loyal followers that you are building.

Use Photos

In your news feed a picture stands out – it takes up a space and jumps out from the mass of word status updates that you see. They are also shared more often than any other sort of post – suddenly for a picture post your reach can far exceed your number of likes as it goes viral on Facebook being shared over and over again. Putting your water mark on the picture will ensure that it gets back which page/url the picture comes from in the first place.

Ask simple questions

People like to talk about themselves and their kids. A simple question like – “Where are you from?” can get many more responses than something more relevant to your content that requires more thought to answer.

Keep it short

From some research by Virture on post length it’s best to keep your posts short and sweet – up to 90 characters there is a great response. The longer the post the less people will comment or like it.


What works for you to increase your reach on Facebook?


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  1. Pictures are working for me at the moment and using questions. I was a bit upset the other day when I asked for people to like the post if they liked the idea and only 1 person responded 🙁 Thank you for the ideas.

  2. There are great ideas! I saw a drop for sure when I was not around as much to do this!

  3. I need to work on timing my posts.

    • Looking at your insights will give you some ideas of when is the best time to post – but from what I’ve read it’s early evening 5pm to 9pm for the area that most of your page likers are from

  4. Thanks Cerys! I’m always working to increade both my readership, and my reach within the readership I do have! Making notes of all these ideas.

  5. This is great advice! Thank you so much!

  6. Joyce @Childhood Beckons says

    I definitely need to work on my timing. And my character limit! I’m far too wordy. 🙂 Thank you for the tips


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