15 Pinterest Boards for Blog Tips & Advice

I actually find these blogging and social media Pinterest boards few and far between. It seems every blogger has one in their boards, but often they’re close to empty. So I’m excited to share some boards that are filled with how to’s and information in all aspects of blogging.

From photography to Blogger to social media to ebooks. You’ll find your answers in these 15 Pinterest Boards for Blog Tips & Advice.

To start you off, the Blogging With Kids Pinterest Boards are ones you’ll want to follow for sure. We’re just starting out pinning to them, but they will be filled up with blogging goodness in no time!

15 Pinterest Boards for Blogging Tips & Advice

15 Pinterest Boards for Blog Tips & Advice

Blogging Pinterest boards from the big wigs:


  1. Social Media Infographics: A social media board specifically for those infographics that are so handy to check out by Your Social Media
  2. Blogging 101: From making the Blogger to WordPress transfer to Google+ Events to How to Get Readers, The Sits Girls have pinned the answers! 
  3. BlogFrog Reads: Pins full of tips and tricks of blogging from BlogFrog.
  4. Michael Hyatt’s Blog Posts: If you don’t already follow his blog (I recommend that you do), you can catch up with the pins for his this pinterest board. Great blogging advice. 

Pinterest boards to make your blog pretty:


  1. Blog Design & Tips: Make your blog pretty with the design tips pinned here by Happy Homebird.
  2. Social Media Icon Sets: Some seriously pretty amazing (and pretty!) social media icons are pinned here by Type A Conference.
  3. Typography: Just because its fun, I have to share Creative With Kids‘ fun board of fonts to download and use on your blog!
  4. Photographer Tips: Rebakah Lyn Photography has photographer tips pinned!

Pinterest boards for the business side of blogging:


  1. The Business End of Blogging: Treating your blog like a business is sometimes hard to do, and there’s a lot of ins and outs to it. Don’t miss a pin from A Mom With a Lesson Plan!
  2. Working with Brands: More specific than just the business side of blogging, we all want to know how to get in and work with brands!
  3. Writing an eBook: And when you’re ready to make the leap of becoming an author, A Mom With A Lesson Plan just did and pinned a ton of useful links.

Pinterest boards for general blogging information not to miss:


  1. Better Blogging: Tinkerlab, along with a few others, have a collective board of general pins to help with blogging!
  2. Tips for Mom Bloggers: A collaborative board headed by Lisa Nolan for blogging tips specifically for the Mom Blogger niche.
  3. Blogging Information: Full of general blogging information that you don’t want to miss, pinned by Rainy Day Mum and others!
  4. Unique Geek Speak: Yet another tips, tricks and tutorials for blogging board that you really don’t want to miss. Headed by Typecast and others.



No excuses anymore that you don’t know how to do something, right?


If you have a blog-related Pinterest board,
share it with us in the comments!


About Jamie Reimer

Jamie is the founder of the Kid Blogger Network. She loves everything to do with blogging... whether its the social media, the tech aspect, or making money... and she's here to share her knowledge with fellow KBN members! Jamie's also the creator and author of hands on : as we grow.


  1. Awesome post, Jamie! I love Michael Hyatt and follow a few others that are great! I have a board called For the Blog that has a number of pins. I’ll be sure to add many from these sites! Thank you!

  2. Great post with great advice! Thanks for sharing Jamie! 🙂

  3. This is such a great resource! I am pinning this! My blog thanks you. Vicky from http://www.messforless.net

  4. Love, love, love your new Blogging With Kids blog! And thanks for including my Tips for Mom Bloggers Pinterest Board! I retweeted you, pinned you, added you to my Google +, and linked to you in Zina’s new Pinterest group on Facebook (Lasso the Moon)! Phew! Are you a member, yet? Go here if you are not: http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/259124350856663/members/

    Looking forward to more of your blog posts and online events!

  5. What a fantastic post! I have just followed nearly all of these boards. Love blogging and love Pinterest. The irony of this is that I found your post via a pin on Pinterest while browsing with my iPad Pinterest app. (It’s a beautiful app, by the way.) I followed the pin to the original post, and tried clicking on the different boards. I got a message saying I can’t access Pinterest through this app. How hilariously ridiculous! The Pinterest app can’t access Pinterest webpages. 🙂 Hopefully they will create a fix for that in future updates.

    iHomeschool Network has some blogging related boards that I’d love to share here.
    Social Media
    We also have boards for writing and SEO, but there are not a whole lot of pins there, so I’ll refrain from posting the links.

  6. I have a Blogging How-to board: http://pinterest.com/hollyhomer/blogging-how-to/

  7. GREAT list. I also have these:



    I adore Pinterest. I rarely ever Google anything anymore.

  8. Here’s my Pinterest board on blogging. Love the helpful info! Thanks!

  9. I love this list and will be adding all the ones I don’t have to my Blogging/Business Board ( http://pinterest.com/mommymoxie/blogging-business-stuff/ )

    Thanks for putting this together!!

  10. Great list!

    My Pinterest account for the blog I am commenting under is SOLELY about blogging, social media, or topics of use to bloggers (writing, graphic/web design, internet etc.)

    WARNING: You’ll be sucked in for a while: http://pinterest.com/blogathon2

    I did follow those who commented above (that I wasn’t already)

  11. Zina Harrington says

    I am excited to follow all of these! Great post. I too have a place where I save good blog articles on Pinterest called “Business & Blog Toolbox”: http://pinterest.com/zina/business-blog-toolbox/

  12. I usually pin blogging tips to my Tips & Tricks board: http://pinterest.com/craftymummy/tips-tricks/

    Off to check out some of the others boards… Thanks!

  13. Thank you! I am following all these people now. I have a page of minute videos for WordPress bloggers at http://www.connect-a-blog.com, and a page for both Blogger and WordpPress tech help. Thanks! Carolyn

  14. Fantastic list… I’m going to follow them all.

    We’ve got a social media and blogging board at

  15. I have a pinterest board related to my blog The Giant Lima. I am so excited to read all of these pins.

  16. Thank you! As a single Mom chasing my entrepreneurial dream, tips like this are invaluable. It’s so overwhelming for someone looking to begin blogging!! I am also pinning at http://pinterest.com/missionwahm/ and would love to connect with others.

  17. My Blog board is full of blogging, business and home office ideas http://pinterest.com/PrettyUpdates/office-work-at-home-blogging/

  18. Hey Jamie!
    I love this list! I changed the name of our collaborate Pinterest board to this: http://pinterest.com/tinkerlab/how-to-blog/

  19. Thank you for all these resources! I am a new-ish blogger, so all of this stuff with help me tremendiously! I have followed all these boards.

  20. Great list and I needed it! Here’s my blogging board 😀


  21. Thanks for the great tips! very useful!
    This is my blogging board on Pinterest 🙂

  22. Thanks for the great post, I love Pinterest and have checked several of the boards out. I have a blogging board too http://pinterest.com/PositiveAngel/blogging-info-tutorials/

  23. Thanks for the info! Here are some of the tips I have compiled!

  24. I cannot figure out how to get the link for a board on mobile but I have two blog boards at http://www.pinterest.com/totsbusiness

  25. Juina Carter says

    My Pinterest page covers everything from frugal tips and DIY to homeschooling plans and ideas, but I have a Pinterest board that board is strictly dedicated to blogging:


    I plan to follow everyone’s boards listed above. It’ll be great to exchange useful ideas and tips with everyone!


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