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SEO is a little mind-boggling to most bloggers.

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Meaning that you want to optimize your site for search engines to access it and actually like what they see. There are some key things to do to make this happen.

A great place to start is to check out the 15 minutes checklist for SEO at

We’ll be going through a few of what we think are important things to do for SEO for your site.

Telling search engines what your images are is a pretty easy, but very important, step.

Its #7 on their list, and its +2 importance for SEO. I rank it higher only because its something you can do easily from day one of blogging (and likely something you won’t go back and edit all your posts for). 


Why are Image Alt Tags so important to SEO?

Without an Image Alt tag, search engines have no idea what that picture is. They can’t see that its a child playing in a water sensory bin. So you have to tell the search engines what it is. 


How do you set Image Alt Tags?

In Blogger, it’s very simple now. After you’ve inserted the image into your post, click on it. There will be a blue bar that pops up. Click on “Properties”.

Click Properties in Blogger to Add Image Alt & Titles

There’s two boxes to fill out.

Title text and alt text.

(WordPress users, it’s very similar. Click on your image and edit it and fill out the Title and Alternate Text fields.)

I believe that alt text is more important, but since they’re both right here, you might as well fill out both.

Use keywords in your descriptions of your images that really do describe the photo.

For instance, in a photo that I would use on hands on : as we grow:

Instead of using: “Henry & George playing in the water.”

Use keywords: “Toddler & Preschooler Water Play”


Blogger > Image Properties > Title & Alt Texts

My keywords being water, toddler and preschooler. (Henry means absolutely nothing to most people who are searching on the web, so I never use it in an Image Alt tag. However, there are times when I do use it in the Title Tag. Why? Read on.


How are Title Tags different that Image Alt Tags?

Title tags appear on the image when you hover over them. I have a screen shot to show it below. But you can also hover over the image to see what I titled this image, too.

Your readers will see your Image Title Tags. So make sure they are relevant to them.

Image Title Tag Appearance in Post

Use image alt tags with every image you post. Sometimes its hard to remember, that’s okay. I forget about it too. It’s always better to do it later than not at all. The search engines will like you so much better once you tell them what your images are all about.


Have you been using the Image Alt & Title Tags in your posts? 


SEO Tip: Image Alt & Title Tags
Recipe Type: SEO Tip
Author: Jamie @ hands on : as we grow

How to add image alt and title tags in Blogger
  1. Insert image into a post.
  2. Click on the image.
  3. Select “Properties” from blue bar
  4. Fill out “Title Text” and “Alternate Description” with descriptive keywords of the image.

The “Title Text” will be viewable to a reader when they hover over the image.

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Jamie is the founder of the Kid Blogger Network. She loves everything to do with blogging... whether its the social media, the tech aspect, or making money... and she's here to share her knowledge with fellow KBN members! Jamie's also the creator and author of hands on : as we grow.


  1. I have never done this before…have to go anccheck out on drupal how to do it. Thanks Jamie!

  2. Very interesting! I had no idea. Thank you so much!

  3. Brittany@LovePlayLearn says

    I have not done this but I need to! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Very interesting. I did not know this. Thank you!

  5. Actually, I have a question. Do you always want to fill out the title text section or is it ok to just add alt tags? I think I would prefer to not have a title description appear over my photos.

  6. Wow, I didn’t even know this existed. Thank you so much for all the help and advice! I know what my project is for past posts over the next week!

  7. I go back and edit the alt tag when I’m prepping post to be pushed again. It cuts down on the time it takes and helps me get through the archives.

  8. So glad I stumbled upon this post! I do have a silly question…
    is it okay to use the same keywords for both the title text and alt text?
    I noticed in the example you put the web address in the title text box but not in the alt text box.

    Thanks for clarifying! 🙂

  9. Yes, I didn’t know that it is important.


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