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We all love receiving comments on our blogs without looking at the Stats it’s one of the ways that we know that people are reading them. However, Blogger in it’s standard set up discourages some people for commenting.

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With my Tuesday Tots link up over on Rainy Day Mum I started out visiting every blog that linked up but after a while I realised that I couldn’t manage to do this because of a few features that blogs used that meant that I couldn’t leave a comment easily without spending half an hour trying to work out how to do it.

One of the easiest things to change is to enable word press and other blog uses to leave a comment with a link back to their site is by enabling the Name/URL and Anonymous function of your blogger blog commenting system. Do not fear… Blogger has a good spam filter system in place and although you may get the occasional spam comment you can quickly delete these. However, by enabling the Name/URL and Anonymous you will encourage other bloggers to leave comments.

encouraging comments on your blog

To change the settings:

  • Go into your blogger dashboard and then Settings.
  • From the settings menu choose Posts and Comments.
  • There you can set the “Who Can Comment?” settings to Anyone, which allows bloggers and readers who don’t use Blogger to easily leave a comment with a link back to their blog so you can go and visit and leave a comment as well.
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  1. Hannah @ Making Boys Men says

    Thanks, I’ve just updated my settings I didn’t realise I was making it so hard for others to comment! Still just figuring out lots of blogging stuff, so your baby steps posts are perfect for me!

  2. Mary Catherine @ Fun-A-Day! says

    Thanks so much! I’m on WordPress, not Blogger, but your post prompted me to check my settings. Hopefully I have also enabled the Name/URL. I need to double-check that. I really appreciate the help. 🙂

  3. Carolyn @ Pleasantest Thing says

    Thanks, Cerys!

  4. I really need to look at this I really find leaving comments difficult on websites that letters and numbers thing that pops up is so annoying. I think it comes up to stop spam but I have read this and turning it off now. I find it really challenging to do these being dyslexic really does not help as all the letters are represented all funny.