Sync Facebook Page Updates with Tweets on Twitter

Social Media Tips and Tricks

I focus almost 50% of my social media time spent on Facebook (the other 50% on Pinterest). Twitter kind of just gets left out sometimes. But I think its important to have a presence there. But we’ll save those reasons for another day.


Social Media Efficiency:

In order to maximize my time spent, everything I post on my Facebook page gets streamed over to Twitter. Unless you’re already very active on Twitter, this is a great starting place for you to have a presence on Twitter to gain followers. 

How to Sync Facebook  Page Updates to Twitter

Sync Facebook Page Updates with Tweets on Twitter

Here’s how to set that up to make it happen (make sure you’re logged into both Facebook and Twitter first):

Setup Facebook Page to sync with Twitter Stream
  • Select the page on Facebook that you want to sync with Twitter by clicking on the “Link to Twitter” button.
  • Authorize the Twitter App.
  • Select what you want to show up in your twitter stream.I selected the following, but you can sync whatever you like! 
    • Status Updates
    • Photos
    • Links. 
You can edit what you sync at a later date if you find that you don’t like how its set up by going to again and selecting “Edit Settings” beneath the page you set up.
Edit Facebook Page to Twitter Stream Settings

That’s it!

Test out what how it works! Post a status update (or something else that you selected to include) on your Facebook Page. Head over to Twitter and see your update there!

You will see the same update in both your Facebook updates and your Twitter stream!

Facebook Page Updates Streamed to Twitter


Facebook changes their system constantly (and Twitter does too, occasionally), so if you notice that the steps are different or if something just isn’t right, let me know in the comments and I’ll update the tutorial!

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  1. Brittany@LovePlayLearn says

    Thank you for this tip! I have not really gotten a handle on Twitter but do understand that it is important. This is a great way for me to get my foot in the door.

  2. I’m not a huge fan of auto posting to multiple platforms at once. If you are going to do this, make sure that you monitor responses on all platforms.

    There is one blog I follow that likes to post questions to the FB page and automatically tweet those same questions. But when I respond via Twitter, all I hear is crickets. No interaction whatsoever. It is obvious that all the communication is at FB. So why even post to Twitter at all? I’ve learned to ignore those questions from certain twitter accounts. So if you auto post, be sure to genuinely desire interaction on all the platforms where you post it.

  3. Thanks for this Jamie. All linked up now 🙂

  4. Yay, just set this up too. I love all of the information and help these post give!